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MOMO is a charity project based on concept of "Mottainai".

We donate sales of work by recycle-specialized-artists to various welfareactivities.

Partial sales from Mottainai Obake project will be donated to NPO organizations supporting long term health care of children affected by Fukushima nuclear power plant tragedy in 2011.





F.C.F. was established in June in 2011 about three months after the outset of the Fukushima nuclear incident.

For the Fukushima nuclear incident victims, F.C.F. as a sister group of the Chernobyl Children’s Fund,

Japan is now trying to make the most of its twenty years of experience with the Chernobyl nuclear incident victims.





"Mottainai Obake" comes from Japanese fairy tale when parents disciplinetheir children.

The story is for a monster to show up by the bed at nighttime to stop makingwastes such as leaving food on the plate or throwing away stuff that stillcould be used.

We believe it is our mission to spread this concept of Mottainai (=

encouraging not to make wastes) to the whole world.

The Mottainai Obake charm was born with recycled vintage materials and ithas cashmere sweater remnants inside.

Everything is one-of-a-kind handmade in Marina Del Rey, California.



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