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 ALM is casual wear made mainly with recycled vintage cashmere, recycled military materials, re-purposed and made cute to spread happiness and peace rather than war.


  John Luke Eastman is a Southern California artist whose unique style and creative outputs began to gain attention during the mid-sixties in California.  ( 




B.M.T is a hand made jewelry brand designed by Ko Ogasawara. His concept is recycling and uses vintage silver cutleries to creates one of a kind jewelry which is incorporated humor. Residing in Los Angeles.


 by Takuya Ichinose

 Takuya Ichinose  hands crafts leather accesories in a simple and minimal style. His interest lies within the collage of different cultures he experiences.

He is also known as rubber stamp artist

and resident artist at HIVE Gallery Los Anlgeles.




SUNAE Artist


Naoshi is a Japanese artist whose distinctive characters and

original style made by shiny colorful sand, called Sunae in Japan.

I have participated in wide range of projects including gallery exhibitions, commercial work, and children's workshops.


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